Providing Die-Cutting Services for Multiple Industries

Markets Served

Markets Served

Champion Gasket is familiar with the specifications required to meet the material demands of this industry. Champion manufacturers parts to MIL, AMS, BMS (Boeing), ASTM, and other specifications.


Champion Gasket is a vital contributor to many major automotive suppliers throughout the tier chain. The accessibility of Champion Gasket application engineers to help develop components from their earliest concept stages, our extremely low product turnaround times, and our expertise in both prototype and high volume production runs are valuable assets to companies in this demanding industry.

Communications and Electronics


Champion Gasket manufacturers and distributes rubber sheeting, weather stripping, window glazing, AASHTO expansion pads, Flocked nylon strips, full-face and ring flange gaskets, plastic retainers, and many other products used in construction and other industrial applications.


Champion is constantly aware of the developments in materials and processes in the ever-changing electronics, computer and communications industries. Material properties such as abrasion resistance, conductivity, impact, temperature and acoustics are considered, in order to meet customer requirements.


Champion Gasket manufacturers UV and ozone resistant gaskets and seals for this industry where weathering is always a concern. Weather for a recreational personal watercraft, or a coast guard vessel Champion Gasket has the experience to provide the correct material die-cut to specification.

OEM Auto Components

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Sunroof and Sunshade components

Foam, Felt, and rubber BSR pads 

  • 3M Dual lock fastener 
  • 3M VHB Tape 
  • Plastcic sew-in retainers

Interior Components

  • Compartment and console bin liner pads (foam, rubber, and flocked fabric) 
  • Foam, Felt, and rubber BSR pads 
  • Seat -back carpet 
  • Under dash NVH 
  • Bumper Pads

Door and Door Latch Components 

  • Foam and rubber door seals 
  • Plastic Shims

Engine Gaskets 

  • Intake manifold gaskets 
  • Exhaust manifold gaskets 
  • Fuel pump gaskets 
  • Valve cover gaskets 
  • Timing cover gaskets 
  • Water outlet gaskets 
  • Plenum spacers

Other Components

  • Automotive attachment tape 
  • Mirror gaskets & retainers 
  • Tail light gaskets

Underhood / Underbody Components

  • Thermal insulation parts 
  • Gas tank support pads