Automotive Components

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Door and Door Latch Components
- Foam and rubber door seals
- Plastic Shims
Sunroof and Sunshade components
Foam, Felt, and rubber BSR pads
- 3M Dual lock fastener
- 3M VHB Tape
- Plastcic sew-in retainers
Interior Components
- Compartment and console bin liner pads (foam, rubber, and flocked fabric)
- Foam, Felt, and rubber BSR pads
- Seat -back carpet
- Under dash NVH
- Bumper Pads
Engine Gaskets
- Intake manifold gaskets
- Exhaust manifold gaskets
- Fuel pump gaskets
- Valve cover gaskets
- Timing cover gaskets
- Water outlet gaskets
- Plenum spacers
Other Components
- Automotive attachment tape
- Mirror gaskets & retainers
- Tail light gaskets
Underhood / Underbody Components
- Thermal insulation parts
- Gas tank support pads