About Us / Capabilities


Champion Gasket manufactures a complete line of thousands of made to order die-cut products including gaskets, BSR pads, ant-rattle products, insulation, bumpers, shims, spacers and many other custom products. Founded in 1970, Champion Gasket services a diverse market including the automotive, marine, data communications, electronics, construction, health care, appliance, aerospace, military and recreational industries.

Fast Turnaround Time

Our company prides itself in its industry leading turnaround time. Champion has the capability to meet the tight time lines often associated with the products that we offer. We understand that many times the need for our products cannot be foreseen, and are added late in the design stages. Our team is ready to assist to make sure that the proper material is selected, and that the design is suitable and can be manufactured to suit the intended purpose.

Value Added Engineering

Champion's thirty years experience in many diverse markets allows us the versatility to cross our experience over between all of the markets we service. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars through cost saving suggestions through material and part design improvements.


Since Champion has experience with a variety of customers in a plethora of market segments, we are not limited to a specific commodity. Champion has the experience and know-how to laminate, die-cut, or convert just about any non-metallic material into finished parts. Our materials range from ultra-soft EPT Sealer with adhesive to soft Bismuth/Silver metallic alloy sheet solder.